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What makes your local dive bar unique? What about the mom-and-pop store around the corner? Why do you still go to the pizzeria in your neighborhood when you can get a good frozen pie from your big-box store? You have a personal connection with these stores and people. You’re familiar with the store owners; they are part of the fabric of your town. You like the feeling you get there, mingling and interacting with everyone.

Smaller businesses have more freedom to express their personalities than larger retailers and are more likely to be able to partner with and interact in their local communities. This is particularly true when it’s about community involvement and giving. It’s not all about the money. It’s also about sharing your vision, gifts, and yourself with others.

As a businessperson, being involved in the Community can be rewarding for you personally and beneficial to your business. Their connection to the local Community can be a real competitive advantage. This guide will cover all aspects of forming community partnerships, including:

* Benefits for Small Businesses of Giving Back to the Community

How to partner with libraries, schools, and chambers of commerce

The Small Business Community: Creative Ideas for Giving Back

* Sponsor an Event in the Community: Make a Memorable contribution to the Community

How SMBs can build effective community partnerships

It can be rewarding to connect with national organizations, but it is much more rewarding to make a difference within your local Community. Here are some guidelines on how to choose and structure a business-community partnership.

  • What does a Community Business Partnership mean?
  • Five Lessons for strong business partnerships
  • Strategic Business Partnerships: The Importance
  • The Hidden Benefits Of Connecting Businesses With Communities

Benefits of giving back to small businesses

Giving back is not an excuse. It’s comforting, however, to know that your time invested in helping your Community and improving your town will benefit your SMB. Paying it forward can help your business in several ways.

  • Small Businesses Benefit from Charitable Giving
  • When small businesses give back, they win!
  • How giving back can improve your business
  • How community involvement can boost your bottom line
  • Crowd pleasers: Aligning your business with a cause
  • 6 Reasons why giving back to Your Community can help your SMB.

How to partner with libraries, schools, and chambers of commerce

Libraries and schools excel at connecting people and serving their communities. You should visit your local library if it has been a while since you’ve done so. It’s no longer just about books. The library hosts educational and fun events every day. Do you own a cafe in your locality? Consider partnering up with a local library to provide refreshments to their next readers or to host an educational event about how to make the perfect espresso. Are you a salon? You can host an event to teach people how to select the best hairstyles for them and give away a polish. Here are some articles that will help you brainstorm how to work with your local school, chamber of business, or library.

  • 6 Great Ideas for Library Partnerships
  • Libraries and the Business Community
  • Five ways libraries support small business owners
  • Partnerships between schools and businesses that work:
  • Success Stories of Schools of All Sizes
  • Crowd pleasers: Hosting an Event for Customers
  • 6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Join a Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Creative Chamber of Commerce Partnerships

Creative ways small businesses can give back to the Community

First, you need to choose the right cause. Then, come up with creative ideas that will help support it. Here are some ways that small businesses can positively impact their Community.

  • 5 Small Businesses Ideas That Incorporate Giving Back
  • Simple ways small businesses can give back
  • 11 Ways Small Businesses Give Back to the Community for the Holidays
  • How to Give Back Without Breaking the Bank: Small Business Giving Back
  • Ten ways small businesses can give back without breaking the bank
  • Innovative Ways Businesses Can Give Back
  • Turnaround for business problems: Move perishable goods before they go bad
  • These tips will help you manage your restaurant’s inventory and food.

Sponsor an Event in the Community: A Memorable Contribution to the Community

Do you want to celebrate your Community? Sponsoring an event in your Community is a great way to show support. Clover Flex will help you to be more active in your local Community. If you use Clover Promos to promote your events, they will naturally attract customers. However, external events are just as successful with these tips.

  • Community Events and Charity Involvement: Ideas for Businesses
  • Business Accelerators: Sponsoring an event in the Community
  • A Restaurant’s Guide for Creating a Meaningful Experience for Customers
  • The Big Day – How to turn any occasion into a dazzling event at your small business
  • In-Store events to bring more customers through your door
  • 12 Tips to Successfully Run In-Store Events
  • Event marketing: 10 ideas that will attract attention
  • How To Host A Customer Event


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